I’ve been visiting Copenhagen, Sweden for the last days and I’ve really enjoyed the experience.
The culture, the habits and the lifestyle are very different from my own and it’s nice to just embrace something new and fresh to gain perspective about my everyday life.

I made some quick Vine videos which I will post soon. In the meantime here’s a photo from the Lousiana Museum in the outskirts of town. You should really visit it for the collections and the scenery.


RailsGirls Lisbon

Last week I participated in the first Rails Girls Lisbon along with 10 other coaches with the goal of introducing programming and tech to women.
Its not a easy feat.

Usually computer science is an area dominated by men and theres alot of mystification and misconceptions about programming.
It was a thrilling experience, around 30 women left their confort zone (some of them didn’t have any experience with tech or how the web works) and came seeking new knowledge on what a website consists of, how a web application works and the experience of programming in Ruby.
Some of them came out of there knowing how to prototype a basic app, others got the tools to understand better the job of developing a website but in overall most of them left at the end of the day better prepared for a world where technology is increasingly everywhere and shaping the way we do things.

We rely on tech to communicate, to get information, to produce and sell goods and it’s only going to get bigger.
Some movements like and are pushing the envelope, we need more people programming and we need to show them that tech is nothing to be scared of.